Metron4: A Digital
Tank Level Indicator

Metron4 is not just a basic UK manufactured tank level indicator, it's a smart data collection hub that transfers data collected from as many as four sensors to a Cloud database called Metronview, and together they form a powerful fuel tank management system.

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An Intelligent Electronic Tank Level Indicator & Telemetry Device

Metron4 telemetry devices interface with up to four sensors, such as level sensors, taking periodic readings and transmitting them over the mobile phone networks. Data is viewed via the  MetronView platform.


As a tank level indicator

Metron4 operates on the basic principle of utilising the reading sent from pressure probes/sensors submerged in a fluid tank to indicate the level of that liquid.



As a telemetry device

The Metron4 will then connect to the mobile internet using the internal GPRS modem which actively transmits tank contents levels to the online data analytics and management platform MetronView on a daily basis.


Smart Tank Level Analysis

In today’s high demand and low supply world, you can use the Metron4 as a fuel tank level indicator and intelligently analyse what is happening inside your storage tank. Working with an accurate pressure probe that is sensitive to the level of the fluids inside your tank, you will remotely be alerted when:

A leak is detected

Pre-configure the Metron 4 with level thresholds that are compatible with liquid level usage patterns on the site. If the level changes are outside those thresholds an alarm will be generated locally and transmitted to MetronView.

Suspected theft detection

You can also remotely configure your Metron4 to detect if, for example, your rate of fuel level change in your tank is set to 200 litres per 5 minutes, and if 500 litres is drawn in the same period a fuel theft alarm may be triggered, this allows for refuelling but will flag abnormally higher level changes.

You can connect the Metron4 to your local alarm system as well as have it send you alert emails upon being triggered. The enhanced system incorporates a UPS which can be mains or solar-powered. This allows the system to work, even if the mains supply is cut. ensuring you have complete protection of your fuel stock.

Metron4 Telemetry Device Features

  • Ideal for tank level monitoring
  • Remotely configurable via Metronview
  • ‘Plug and Play’ for instant data
  • Self-contained and weatherproof
  • Solar, battery and external power options
  • Operational temperatures – 25 to +65°C
  • Supporting 2G and 4G (CatM1 & NB1)
  • Retrofit or new installation
  • Multi-network, global roaming sim card (450 networks, 150 countries)
  • Proven globally across thousands of installations
  • Local alerts for high / low levels and exceptional changes (leak or theft)
  • Connection to local alarm systems

How Accurate is Our Pressure Probe For Tank Level Monitoring?

Accuracy matters immensely in fuel tank applications considering the rising cost of fuel at the moment, we were not willing to settle for anything less than the most accurate measurement sensor available while still considering cost, and we settle for the pressure probe sensor.

Since there is a single variable to be dealt with, level monitoring with pressure is reliably accurate, stable and effective in non-pressurised tank environments. 

For example, a pressure sensor calibrated for 1000 inches of fuel, at full scale can be accurate to more or less than 2.5inches from the actual amount of contents within the tank, that is a potential 0.25% discrepancy, and this could also apply to a tank only 30 inches tall, the accuracy would remain the same at roughly 0.25%.

A Complete Tank Management System

Employ the Metron4 & MetronView fuel tank management system as part of your storage tank management program to ensure you meet regulatory requirements and avoid any avoidable risk.

Metron4 and MetronView are tank management system capable of simultaneously monitoring the contents of four tanks/bunds within the same site.

It makes remote monitoring simple and affordable, interfacing with sensors, taking periodic readings and transmitting them over the mobile phone networks is done daily and automatically.

Tank Management Features

  • Compatible with 1000s of sensors.
  • Remotely programmable.
  • Proven and reliable.
  • Uses high accuracy pressure probes for monitoring tank levels and float switches for monitoring bund contents.
  • The contents can be read directly from the display.
  • The system contains an integrated GPRS modem that transmits the tank levels to our web platform.
  • Web platform can generate high level, low level, leak/theft alerts.
  • Solar, mains or battery versions are available
  • Solar/mains version required for leak/theft alerts

Our System Is Ideal for Oil & Diesel Tanks

Whether you’re storing Adblue, HVO, diesel, biofuels, vegetable oils and everything in between, an oil tank level indicator can be an invaluable system for managing your storage tanks to ensure the proper government regulations as well as ensure that your stock is secure in these unprecedented times.

Get critical answers to questions like, how do you know how much oil is left in my tank? How long will the oil I have left last for? and a host of other business-critical questions with our intelligent system.