Remote Fuel & Oil Tank Monitoring

Full compliance is ensured through our Metron4 and MetronViews' wireless tank gauges and monitoring system for fuel & oil storage tanks.

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Digital Tank Monitoring Systems for Remote Operations

Designed to operate remotely, alongside our cloud based system, Metron4 is a remote fuel & oil tank level gauge that ensures that commercial operations remain compliant and efficient. Solar powered enabled, our tank level sensors are perfect for logistics operations and environments which require reliable and long lasting devices.

Data is collected via pressure probes at the bottom of tanks and transmitted wirelessly to our cloud based data base. Clients are able to configure and utilise MetronView with customisable dashboards and auto-alerts to fully manage their tanks and operations.

With the ability to connect to and track up to 4 tanks as well as being able to operate in situations where mains power is not available, Metron4 provides unrivalled flexibility for businesses that operate in these kinds of environments.

Time intensive and manual tasks such as tank level inspections are automated through the Metron4 and MetronView technologies, providing remote access to this critical data. The wireless transmission of essential data allows businesses to increase efficiency and uphold compliance standards.

Early Detection of Issues

Our remote tank gauges collect and send tank level data and associated information everyday. However, sensors can be configured to send data wirelessly in intervals as low as 5 minutes. Through this regular acquisition of data, we are able to detect any potential issues earlier than other means, enabling teams to make business critical decisions in advance.

This early detection of issues, whether that be individual tank leakage or overfilling is especially important on hard to access sites where more manual means of data collection may result in longer timeframes and therefore a reduced ability to fix such issues. The correct storage of liquids is often fundamental to the operation and as such, our remote system delivers business critical data with reduced errors.